zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

New puzzles in my collection

 Twisty puzzles : Twistball - Hockey Puck - Two 3x3x3 Cubes - Gripple - Super Brainspinner - Combinescion Pesci

Cast puzzles by Hanayama 

 Several metal puzzles

"Smartgames : Bend-It - Vikings - IQ-Link,  Sliding Puzzles : Labyrinth 88 & Colour Change, Swissair Solitaire

Put-together puzzles : IQ-Block - Vache Rouge by Naef - Symmetrick - Mad in China - 2 Kumiki puzzles - Burr puzzles - Crystal Mickey Mouse by Hanayama - Herz Puzzle - Triadenpass - Jigsaw Cube

Puzzle Box - Timonen Lock - Under Lock & Key - Tomoshimatch

dinsdag 3 september 2013

Drop Slider

My entry to the IPP Puzzle Design Competition in 2013. The goal of the puzzle is to drop all the balls into the central hole, by sliding the blocks over the board. There are 36 different start positions, from very easy to very hard. Once all the balls have disappeared there is another puzzle : how to get the balls back out through the side hole.

donderdag 9 mei 2013

My puzzle designs

1MorePuzzle - Triangle
A puzzle made with 8 pieces that are made with 1 to 8 small triangles, and together form a large triangle and other shapes.


1MorePuzzle - Square
A puzzle made with 8 pieces that are made with 1 to 8 small squares, and together form a 
large square and other shapes. 

1MorePuzzle - Cubylon
A puzzle made with 8 pieces that are made from small cubes, from 1 to 8 cubes glued together, they form a 3x3x4 block and other challenges.

3 Color Cube
The blocks can be used to build a red, a blue or a yellow cube.